Data analysis applications allow companies to optimize their existing services or define new services in order to expand their activities.

Swiss-SDI continuously adapts to the requirements of the market and its customers. Our engineers present data analysis in a simple way to facilitate your strategic decisions. Swiss-SDI offers you web applications, software, decision support tools and consulting reports, based on your needs. Our team of engineers adapts its work to integrate it easily into your internal structures and supports you throughout your transformation.

The complete solution of a data project includes two key elements: the deliverables, purpose of the data analysis and the results, benefits obtained by the company acting as data analysis agent.

Deliverables take very different forms depending on the needs.

The first element to be determined is the periodicity of the deliverable. Do we want a one-shot analysis or a reproducible analysis? This first difference makes it possible to separate consulting reports or presentations from the development of tools and algorithms. Are these confined to the back end or should a front end also be prepared? Swiss-SDI adapts its deliverables to your real needs and transmits, for example, calculation scripts or web applications. In an agile spirit, the deliverable can also evolve as the project progresses and take on various forms at different key stages of a mission.

The benefits you can gain from data analysis are also very diverse. Depending on the application chosen, you will be able to offer new services, for example through a real-time monitoring application in the machine industry, or to optimize your processes by identifying bottlenecks in supply chains. You will thus have the opportunity to expand your market to gain notoriety. It is also possible to reduce your costs by making informed decisions through an analysis of the causes of absenteeism in the human resources sector.

The field of possibilities is enormous! Contact our experts to learn more about the possibilities related to the results.

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Use Cases

Scientific Reports

The transmission and sharing of knowledge is one of the fundamental principles defended by Swiss-SDI. Through quality scientific reports, we help you understand the essential steps of sophisticated data analysis. Our team adapts the content of the reports according to your needs and expectations. The format of the report is chosen according to your convenience: pdf, notebook, ppt, word, latex.

Scripts & Softwares

Would you like to integrate our work directly into your infrastructure? No limits at Swiss-SDI. Our team provides you with all the scripts created. This allows you to benefit from our work and adapt it to your needs.

Web Applications

The interaction between humans and artificial intelligence tools must be pleasant and easy. Swiss-SDI develops dynamic and responsive web interfaces and applications that allow you to better understand your data and highlight the underlying value in a single product.