Starting a project in data analysis can be challenging and costly. Our step-by-step approach allows you to quickly assess the quality of your data in a few key steps to help you to define their true potential. We determine the feasibility of your projects by highlighting the essential factors that will enable their success and the expected return on investment.

Data quality check in keys points

What Do you feel that your data does not reflect reality? Do you simply want to start a data driven project by ensuring the quality of your data? Through an audit of your data, we evaluate its quality in a few key points. In a detailed report, we provide you with valuable information on the status of your data according to well-defined and quantifiable criteria: integrity, timeliness, integrality, consistency and accuracy.
  • Data that can be used with complete peace of mind
  • Drastic reduction of misinterpretations
  • A willingness to understand business interpretation of data
  • A rigorous, methodical and intuitive analytical approach

Evaluate the potential of your data

What Do you think your data contains a treasure to be valued? Do you ask yourself how to use it or what data to extract? Do you need clear measurements to make your decisions? By combining your business knowledge and our diverse field experience, we can determine together the full potential of your data. We support you in the collection, design and use of your data.
  • A major strategic advance
  • A clear idea of the value of your data
  • Enhancement of human exchanges between the different trades
  • Distinguishing buzz from reality through a pragmatic approach

Evaluate the feasibility of a data analysis project

What Do you want to launch a major project? Do you have any doubts about the feasibility of a project? Does your team of data scientists have time to go through all the projects in their pipeline? Following a step-by-step approach, we recommend starting each major project with a feasibility study. Through this, we determine the most promising lines of analysis to guide your project to success.
  • A well-defined guideline for your projects
  • A Go/NoGo to optimize your budget
  • A pragmatic and transparent approach
  • Enhancement of human exchanges between the different trades

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