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The data often comes from mixed sources: sensors, web pages, surveys, CRM, news papers. Our team implements automated data collection systems which allow us to centralized information in real time. We develop tailored solutions which blend seamlessly with your framework in order to facilitate main decisions in your business.

Your business data holds precious information that can be extracted by combining your professional knowledge with our data science expertise. Our team of engineers first undertakes a cleaning phase in order to obtain quality data and to identify hidden relations between them. Based on this in depth analysis our team then offers visualizations designed to highlight the full potential of your data.

Predictive analysis methods offer the possibility to predict the future built on your historical data. Based on data valorization, Swiss-SDI develops artificial intelligence solutions that allow you to anticipate events and issues specific to your field: breakdown and failure predictions, anomaly detection, sales predictions, document classification, customer behavior predictions, absenteeism predictions.

Data analysis applications allow companies to optimize their existing services or define new services in order to expand their activities. Swiss-SDI continuously adapts to the requirements of the market and its customers by helping them to increase their income or reduce costs and risks. Swiss-SDI offers web applications, software, decision support tools or simply consulting reports, as required. Through simple integration into their internal structures, Swiss-SDI supports its clients in their transformation so that they can make informed decisions.

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