Sensor data collection

Any machine learning project must start with a harvesting phase, if no data is already available. This is particularly true for industry 4.0 projects. Swiss-SDI supports you from these first challenges by offering you a collection solution adapted to your needs: installation of sensors, recovery of information on the web, database cross-referencing.

Storage Solutions

Ensuring data life is very important to extract added value. To deal with the persistence of your data, our team uses various technologies ranging from relational databases to NoSQL, which we install in-house or in a cloud. Swiss-SDI adapts to your ecosystem by offering you the right technology.

Extraction of textual data

Text is probably the most common type of data used to transmit information. E-mails, CRM, archives, newspapers: it can be found in many sources and in various formats (word, pdf, html, etc. documents). Swiss-SDI provides you with its text mining skills in order to automatically extract information from this unstructured data for mail classification or to analyze the content of press articles for example.

Predictive Maintenance

The possibilities linked to predictive maintenance are numerous: anomaly detection, engine health monitoring, failure and breakdown prediction. Based on the engines’ raw data record, our team of engineers creates tailor-made artificial intelligence models specifically designed for your issues.

Human Resources

Often regarded as inapplicable to data science, human resources have been falsely pushed aside. Predicting an employee’s leaving, anticipating burnouts or addressing gender equality concerns are all issues to which our team can offer solutions.

Quality Control

Quality control is an essential issue for production chains. Artificial intelligence methods now make this step possible with no waste. Swiss-SDI prepares tailor-made control solutions built on the data collected by your sensors.

Sales Prediction

Anticipating future transactions, predicting the value of a shopping cart or predicting the return of an item. A few examples of marketing issues to which data analysis can bring solutions.

Customer Behavior

Predictive scoring, automated identification or segmentation models are the main issues in marketing. Swiss-SDI offers an in-depth analysis of your CRM data which allows you to better understand customer behavior in order to optimize your decision making processes.

Price Prediction

Our team of engineers has developed a price predictive algorithm for items sold on the second-hand market based on text analysis. Please write to us for more details.

Scientific Reports

The transmission and sharing of knowledge is one of the fundamental principles defended by Swiss-SDI. Through quality scientific reports, we help you understand the essential steps of sophisticated data analysis. Our team adapts the content of the reports according to your needs and expectations. The format of the report is chosen according to your convenience: pdf, notebook, ppt, word, latex.

Scripts & Softwares

Would you like to integrate our work directly into your infrastructure? No limits at Swiss-SDI. Our team provides you with all the scripts created. This allows you to benefit from our work and adapt it to your needs.

Web Applications

The interaction between humans and artificial intelligence tools must be pleasant and easy. Swiss-SDI develops dynamic and responsive web interfaces and applications that allow you to better understand your data and highlight the underlying value in a single product.

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