Production lines

The quality control of the parts produced and the analysis of the efficiency rate of your machines are recurring problems in production lines. Based on the valuable data you collect, we develop custom models for anomaly detection and pattern recognition. We can then detect stoppages on the lines and improve the quality of your products.

Motor Industry

Thanks to the historical raw data of your engines, we develop tailor-made machine learning tools adapted to your problems to improve your knowledge of the engines, plan maintenance and facilitate the diagnosis of your after-sales service. Anomaly detection, condition monitoring or predictive maintenance are examples of applications in this field.

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Public transportation

Based on the data collected by your company, we develop advanced machine learning methods to improve your knowledge of the network and optimize your decision making. The analysis of road conditions, the optimization of routes and timetables or the prediction of route frequentation are well known subjects in public transport. 

Human Resources

In an increasingly sophisticated society, it is essential that your company can prove the equal treatment of your employees and their well-being. Predicting employee departures, anticipating burn-outs or answering gender equality questions are all matters to which data analysis can provide a structured and solid answer.

Smart Marketing

Based on the customer data you store in your CRM, we develop tools based on artificial intelligence that give you a better knowledge of your customers in order to improve targeted marketing, among other things. Predictive scoring, customer profiling or automated segmentation are examples of smart marketing applications.


The world’s best athletes and large organizations have understood that the effective use of data can improve their performance to achieve perfection. Prevent injuries, optimize training sessions or improve team strategy: data analysis takes you to a new dimension of performance.


Watch manufacturers must constantly innovate in order to ensure the best quality of their movements. Customised tools developed for the detection of anomalies, machine learning or fundamental statistics help to optimise all processes and bring an innovative breath of fresh air to the precision, quality and reliability of movements by guaranteeing exceptional results.

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Predicting your customers’ consumption, predicting the production of your installations, anticipating water inflows from your facilities or targeting breakdowns on your network. These are everyday questions asked to your employees. Thanks to their know-how and the data you collect, our team of engineers develops state-of-the-art predictive models to address these issues. 


The health sector is full of valuable information: blood measurements, arterial measurements, blood pressure measurements, pre/post-operative indicators, images, etc. Whether you are a self-employed person, a private clinic or a hospital, our team of data scientists will help you extract the richness of your data using state-of-the-art machine learning tools while guaranteeing the security and anonymity of your data.

Sales Prediction

Anticipating future transactions, predicting the value of a shopping cart or anticipating the return of an item: these are classic sales-related problems to which data analysis can provide answers. Highlight your sales data and take clear actions to optimize your business and reduce your costs.

Price Prediction

Our team of engineers has developed a price prediction algorithm for second-hand items based on text analysis. This model can be used to detect unsaleable items on your platform or as a complementary service offering users advice on the selling price of their item. Write to us for more information.

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